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John Maxwell

Southern Playwright and Actor

John Maxwell is an award-winning playwright and touring actor best known for "Oh, Mr. Faulkner, Do You Write?", his one man show based on the life of William Faulkner which has become a Southern Classic. The screen version of the Faulkner show won Maxwell the Best Actor Award at the 2006 Atlanta Film Festival.

Maxwell continues to tour with "Mr. Faulkner" as well as his new project, "The Religious Monologues." Maxwell creates dramatic interpretations of Biblical characters through one man shows performed for church congregations and at independent theatres. Based in Jackson, Mississippi, John Maxwell is pursuing screen and stage acting work and starting a new theatre.

  • John Maxwell as William Faulkner
  • John Maxwell as John the Baptist
  • John Maxwell as St. Peter
  • John Maxwell as Judas Iscariot
  • John Maxwell as Barnabas
  • John Maxwell as St. Joseph
  • John Maxwell as St. Paul

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Upcoming Performances

Wed, March 22, 2017

Me & My Shadow: The Story of Judas

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

St. James Episcopal Church

Sun, March 26, 2017


Brandon, Mississippi

The Church at Northshore

A raucous and moving story about revelation in Moon Mountain, Mississippi. NOTE: Includes adult language that is not suitable for children.

Tue, March 28, 2017

Me & My Shadow: The Story of Judas

Jackson, Mississippi

Belhaven Center for the Arts

Tue, March 28, 2017

Me & My Shadow: The Story of Judas

Jackson, Mississippi

Belhaven Center for the Arts

Sun, April 09, 2017

Me & My Shadow: The Story of Judas

Decatur, Mississippi

Decatur United Methodist Church

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Coming soon: Freud's Last Session

FREUD'S LAST SESSION centers on legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud, who invites a young, little-known professor, C.S. Lewis, to his home in London. Lewis, expecting to be called on the carpet for satirizing Freud in a recent book, soon realizes Freud has a much more significant agenda. On the day England enters World War II, Freud and Lewis clash on the existence of God, love, sex and the meaning of life – only two weeks before Freud chooses to take his own.

"The Prodigal"

John Maxwell in the Prodigal

"The Prodigal" is a modern dramatic telling of the parable of the prodigal son, set in the Mississippi Delta. Told through John Maxwell's eye for authentic dialogue, effortless comedy, and cutting drama, "The Prodigal" is perfect for fans of The Religious Monologues.